What are the different artistic treasures of the city of Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is a city in eastern France. It is located approximately between the German border and the Bas-Rhin department. Thanks to these artistic riches it possesses, it attracts many of visitors and art lovers every year. Also, given the vaporization of its heritage and its contemporary architecture, it is counted in the regional network of cities and countries of art. In this article, you will discover the different artistic riches of this fascinating city.

Historic architecture

The architecture of Strasbourg testifies with the brilliance of its rich past. Strasbourg is a lovely city which has several architectures which determine it particular. Notre-Dame Cathedral is a Gothic masterpiece that constitutes one of its most symbolic architectural jewels for the definition of this city. The imposing arrows and detailed sculptures of this masterpiece captivate all visitors. As you walk through the cobbled streets of Strasbourg, you will discover real architectural treasures that bear witness to its history and heritage.  
It is a city full of magnificent buildings combining various styles from different eras. For example, the elegant facades of the Renaissance period cohabit harmoniously with the modern constructions of the contemporary period. Thus, it forms a fusion of architectural influences for a unique and captivating atmosphere throughout this city.

World-famous museums

Strasbourg is a French city with many world-famous museums. With all these different renowned museums, art lovers who come to visit this city really feel in a very extraordinary environment. Among these various museums, there is that of Fine Arts. It is a museum that occupies a place of choice. Thanks to these different collections of paintings, he offers you a journey through the history of art, from the Middle Ages to contemporary art.  
There is also the historical museum of Strasbourg, which offers you a fascinating journey through its history. Thanks to the works of art brought together in this museum, visitors can discover the events that have marked Strasbourg over the centuries. It is a real cultural treasure that allows you to easily understand the evolution and identity of this unique city.

Arts festivals

Through programs of cultural activities quite rich in artistic festivals, Strasbourg knows every year a radiant vitality. Among these events, the international music festival of this city occupies a prominent place. This festival is in a way an unmissable event that attracts world-renowned musicians. On this occasion, several music enthusiasts organize concerts of exceptional quality, which take place in historical places of striking beauty.  
In addition to the international festival, there is also the Artifacts festival. This festival is dedicated to contemporary music. It is one of a kind thanks to the extraordinary sensory experiences it offers. During this festival, spectators are immersed in a creative universe where the boundaries between artistic disciplines are blurred. 

Street art

Street art in Strasbourg is a real explosion of creativity. The walls of this city are transformed giant step canvases thanks to urban art and graffiti. Local and international artists use building facades to express themselves and share their messages. The neighborhoods of Krutenau and Neudorf are particularly known for their vibrant art scene, where walls turn into open-air galleries. 
The varied works of art, ranging from colorful murals to bold installations, create a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere throughout the city. Art lovers will be able to stroll through the streets and discover unique and ephemeral creations, thus contributing to the artistic atmosphere of Strasbourg.