Tracking form for Belgium

The boarding in Belgium of any passenger requires the presentation to the health and immigration authorities of the PLF Passenger Tracking Form. This form is designed to contain all the information on the passenger’s health history. In this time of COVID-19, it is impossible to travel without this document.

Digital PLF Slovenia

Many countries are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The contamination of this pandemic is becoming more and more accentuated, which requires the taking of radical measures. Thus, Belgium, like other European countries, is obliged to impose certain firm instructions for the entry of passengers on its territory. Before landing on Belgian soil, it is important to fill in the PLF form 6 months in advance, go to for more info. If you are traveling alone to Belgium, you must spend no more than two days in the country.  These instructions obviously apply to those who come to Belgium by boat, plane, and train.  All less interesting stays on Belgian soil are strictly forbidden if your country does not belong to the European Union.  Travelers with a valid vaccination certificate are the ones allowed to travel to Belgium.

Which vaccination certificates are accepted by the Belgian authorities?

Any person traveling to Belgium, whether Belgian or not, must be tested within the first two months to see if they are infected or not.  In case the test is negative, the passenger must remain in quarantine for follow-up and recovery. Those who have changed residence, simply have to indicate the address of their new residence to receive the result of their test. It is important to know that the PCR test is required to be accepted in Belgium. This is also the case for the recovery certificate. These measures taken by the Belgian authorities allow minimizing the risks of contamination of the COVID-19 which makes so much devastation in the world.  Visit the site mentioned in this article for more details.