The Wonders of Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is based on a system using VOIP technology. That is to say: “voice over IP.” In other words, the voice is transformed into small data packets that circulate through the Internet network. They are restored “at the other end of the wire” in a fluid and instantaneous way. Thus, it is enough to have an Internet connection to receive and make calls “for free.” Let’s find out more.

Why to choose IPBX networks ?

The IPBX or “PABX IP” uses the Internet network to transmit telephone communications. It combines telephony and IT. This solution is much more flexible than the PABX network and has many advantages, especially in terms of costs. The website clearly describes how it works.

The PABX standards use the copper telephone network, a system that is now obsolete. Indeed, the authorities have acted to eliminate analog lines. Large operators like Orange have stopped selling them to businesses. SMEs using a PABX will have to migrate to an IPBX solution.

Did you know that cloud telephony services reduce management costs ?

With a PABX system, when the company grows and hires new employees, which is inevitably the case for SMEs, it is necessary to invest in adding a telephone line. The opening of these lines represents a cost because the operation requires the intervention of a professional. In addition, the PBX may not allow the addition of another line.

With an IPBX system, adding a new line is much simpler and therefore less expensive. All you have to do is associate the line with a telephone extension from an interface. In addition to adding a line, a cloud telephony offer allows you to subscribe to an offer adapted to the needs of the company by having a single billing for all services.

To sum up, switching to cloud telephony for your company represents a significant reduction in costs, particularly in terms of equipment management.