Japanese anti-stress practices

Stress is a set of bodily or physiological reflexes coming from our organism in front of a situation of worry, of total panic. But the mismanagement of these moments of fear can lead to illnesses that can affect the subject’s performance in his activities. However, the good news is that simple and powerful practices allow you to conjugate its moments of stress in the past with our Japanese professionals.

The different ways to de-stress the Japanese way

Among the Japanese, several practices allow them to easily stand out from other peoples. Indeed, to de-stress according to the Japanese, it is no longer enough to use a heat bath, but the one in the forest is called shinrin-yoku. It is a practice that has been legalized and certified by the Japanese authorities to encourage the Japanese to spend some time in the forest with japanese baseball caps preferably to evacuate stored stress and to reduce anxiety and fatigue. In addition to this practice, we have the one that consists in shivering the body. This involves lying the person on their back for a pure treatment based on codified movements practiced by the therapist.

Other interesting practices according to the Japanese

According to these specialist therapists, there is also a method that reconnects you to your energy sources. This method is called reiki in Japanese to mean the energy of the spirit developed by the Japanese master Mikao. It is a mixture of touching specific points with meditation to facilitate the passage of self-healing to its energy sources to relax the body. In species, the person remains dressed and lying on a piece of furniture dedicated to the massage for a moment of about one hour. During this time, the master uses his hands to gently knead the head, the torso, and the back in order to capture and harmonize the energy flow in the body of the person. It should be noted that if this practice is well done, the patient reaches a very high threshold of relaxation for immediate healing.