How to prepare a Healthy salad ?

Easy to prepare anytime, anywhere and delicious are the key words for salads. Unlike weight loss salads, Healthy salads allow you to eat a complete meal while enjoying the benefits of each ingredient. The goal is not necessarily to lose weight, but to have a balanced diet. Want to enjoy a healthy salad? Learn how to prepare it through this guide.

What ingredients are needed to prepare a healthy salad ?

Fresh green leafy vegetables are the base of your salad, you can choose spinach, vegetable salad and celery. You can also add boiled beans, cooked pasta or quinoa for an extraordinary taste. To chew your mouth, consider adding crunchy vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and radishes.

To enjoy a healthy, light but slightly greasy salad, you can add a variety of oil seeds. You can choose hazelnut, flax, avocado, etc. When you eat a healthy salad, you smell a little sweet and this taste comes from the fruit. You can use fresh fruit, including raspberries, watermelons, melons, etc., to add that slightly sweet flavor to the salad.

Prohibited ingredients in a healthy salad

A healthy salad is all about balance, and you need to know how to balance the ingredients so that the result is neither too fatty nor too acidic. You have to know how to play with quantity. You can add cold cuts or cheese, but in moderation. Forget the double cream cheese and other high-fiber, nutrient-dense ingredients. What about spices?  Of course, you can add a little spice to enhance the flavor of the salad.

Is it possible to prepare a healthy salad without salad ?

Green salad does not necessarily mean healthy salad. In fact, there are several ingredients in the green salad, so you can choose tomatoes, apples, broccoli, etc. Instead of the salad of the green salad. Through this preparation, you can freely choose and mix the required ingredients, but with one condition: “balance”. In any case, you can change the color to stimulate the appetite and offer different health benefits.