How to install the Microsoft Exchange server ?

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft’s server is easy to install. You don’t necessarily need a professional to install this software. You can successfully complete this installation on your own. What you will have to do is follow each of the software installation steps. Find out in this article.

Some prerequisites for a successful installation of Ms Exchange

There are some essential points that you should check before starting the installation of the Microsoft Exchange server. On the Ms Exchange server, you must check if there is a box allowing the user to be able to use it properly, check over here, to find out more. It is also important to check if the user to be configured is from the same domain. You can then start the installation. At the end of the installation, it is advisable to check that the servers are correctly installed and that the Ms Exchange software can be used fully. The actual installation process of the Ms Exchange server software is done by logging into an Outlook account. After connecting your Outlook account, you need to follow the guided steps to the end. Note is that there are a lot of questions to be answered for software installation, but in reality it is not difficult to do. Click the link in this article to see the full installation process.

Access the Windows control panel to configure it from your account

From the Windows control panel, you can either configure your Exchange server account automatically or do it manually. It’s up to you to choose the method you like. It is necessary to add a new e-mail account from the control panel before proceeding with the automatic configuration of the Exchange server account. So what you have to do is select the account option, then click on the mail option and then click on next to complete the configuration. Don’t worry about manual setup, as it’s the same as the first one.