How to fix toilet flushing problem with a drain unclogger

Have you just noticed that your toilet drain is no longer normal and you suspect a problem? It may be a concern with the flushing system, especially in the tank. Before contacting a plumber, you can first try cleaning the bowl yourself with specific products such as hydrochloric acid or a drain opener. Find out how to do this.

Step 1: Resort to boiling water

To solve the problem of sluggishness in the evacuation of your toilet with an unblocker, the first action to take is to pour nearly 4L of boiling water into the bowl. This water must be contained in a bucket beforehand. Be sure not to flush immediately so that the boiling water takes effect. To understand why, you can learn more here. In reality, the objective here is to remove all the detritus that may block the way to the water during the flushing process.

Step 2: Flowing the unclogger into the bowl

The next step after using boiling water is adding the unclogger to the bowl. For safe use, it is advisable to make sure it is a product intended for the toilet by paying close attention to the instructions on the package. Do not neglect to wear protective equipment before using the unblocker if it is necessary. In addition, the indications allow you to know the proper amount to use, whether to flush immediately or wait a while. For more efficiency, after using the unblocker, you can add some washing-up liquid and wait at least 10 minutes for it to take effect. This has the role of removing the deposits and calcium that are attached to the walls.

Step 3: Check if the problem is solved

Once all this process is completed, all that remains is to flush again to properly remove all the residues and check if the problem of sluggishness in the drain is solved. If not, other solutions can be considered.