How to create a free chatbot for more conversations on your website?

The development of technology is leaving more and more room for the robotization. It is now a reality, the fact of using the chatbot instead of a virtual communication assistant. So it is no longer surprising to note the chatbot is considered as a real marketing tool capable of increasing the rate of evolution on a website.

In a few steps, you will create the chatbot for your website

The first step in building a chatbot is to know the reasons why the chatbot will be created. This is the stage of highlighting the conditions under which the robot equipped with artificial intelligence will be exploited. For what occasion should you use a chatbot? The opportunities are numerous, discover the resource, by clicking on the link. For example, in the event of a request made, it is necessary to follow up to ensure that all is well. At this moment, the chatbot will be useful. When you need a duplicate of an invoice, the chatbot will be used on this occasion. The second step is to create a conversation prototype yourself, it is much more about the form that the discussion between a visitor and the chatbot will take. The third step is that of optimizing questions and answers.

What are the different types of chatbot?

The chatbot is a real asset for companies of this century. There are only three types of chatbot. There is the chatbot for social networks. It is this type of chatbot that is the most popular on the internet. Companies use chatbots to animate their conversations or living room on different social networks like Facebook Whatsapp and others. The second type of chatbot is called the tree-structured chatbot. Finally, there is the artificial intelligence chatbot, which is programmed to decode human language. You need to have a minimum of computer knowledge to claim to create a well-functioning chatbot.